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**StoryBox app is a 2011 winner of a Parents’ Choice GOLD award!**
**5 stars! –**
**StoryBox is a content-rich magazine-style app that parents and children are sure to love. –**

Read, learn and play with the first StoryBox app! StoryBox magazine is an award-winning (Parent’s Choice Gold Award)educational magazine for children that combines fiction, facts and fun.

In this first issue on iPad, you and your child will enjoy a beautiful book-length illustrated and animated
story “How about a MOOH?”, find out why aeroplanes leave trails in the sky, learn about humpback
whales, play fun interactive games, follow Polo’s adventures… all this in a single app!

Discover (or rediscover) the unique quality and variety of contents of the original StoryBox magazine in
this innovative app!

StoryBox’s app contents:

Storytime- How about a MOOH?: One morning Stella, the little calf, wakes up but does not mooh. All the
farm animals are worried about her… but a cuddle with Mom was all Stella needed!

Science – Why do aeroplanes leave trails in the sky?

Animal world- Humpback whales

Games – Fly your kite: join the dots, colour-in, maze, match the pairs, find the correct order…

Polo: An adventure without words to lead you into the world of dreams… “Each section of the magazine is interactive, entertaining and educational. The app has been well crafted. […] I thought the entire magazine was great and well suited for early elementary schoolers, Kindergarten to about Third grade.”

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