Magick App – Magick for iPad & Reviews


****Magick is a platform game designed for iPad ****

“Call me crazy, but Magick has cast a spell on my heartstrings.”
– Blake Grundman from

“Magick Is An iPad Platformer Unlike Any You’ve Played Before.”
– Christine Chan from

“Magick is a clever platformer designed from the ground up for touch screens.”
– Harry Slater from

“Simplicity and smart level design are Magick’s two biggest selling points.”
– John Bardinelli from


You have to help Oz to escape.
The story is divided into 5 chapters.
Each chapter is composed with 12 levels.
Each last chapter level is a boss level.
So you have to complete 60 levels.


Once upon a time in a country far far away,
there was a young sorcerer named “Oz”.
One night, a stranger came knocking at his door.
He was a soldier of the evil queen.
The magic had been declared illegal.
Oz was escorted to the darkest dungeon in the country.
He was imprisoned in the darkest cell, waiting for his death.


Oz walks and jumps by himself.
Tap the screen to bring up a crate,
you can tap the crate to remove it.
Just tap Oz to switch his direction
and tap & hold anywhere to stop him.