Buddyman: Kick 2 Hd Edition App – Buddyman: Kick 2 Edition for iPad & Reviews


The ultimate superhero of the 21st century is here! Meet Buddyman in the incredible Buddyman: Kick 2 HD edition. Discover the most action-packed, stress-relieving game ever. Join Buddyman in his training and let him become your best friend!

It’s you who moulds Buddyman’s destiny and helps him become the greatest hero of all time! Make his training really tough: place the hero between the hammer and the anvil and deliver the FINAL KICK! Try them all!

Get words of wisdom: train with Buddyman under the guidance of Sensei Kick-san, and make progress like you’ve never ever imagined! Complete the missions and quests, improve your skills, upgrade your arsenal and eventually become the supreme kicker – nothing will be able to stop you!

Don’t miss:
– Lots and lots of new incredible ITEMS!
– Shopping with pleasure: new PACKAGES available now!
– Astoundingly realistic GRAPHICS!
– Ultra cool MISSIONS: give a new understanding to the word challenge!
– Epic FINAL KICKS: extra drive to destress after a hard day!
– Innovative PHYSICAL ENGINE: new level of interactivity!
– Super classy SOUNDS: boom!