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The Old Testament – 8 stories

Do you feel The Bible is for your kids too complicated and hard to understand? Concept and presentation of this publication is definitely different. It will captivate not just kids but the entire family. Why?

Because children are

-inquisitive and ask a lot of questions!
-They love stories!
-They like to play games and like to compete!
-They love animals and like to learn about them!
-And most of all, they love to have fun!

Our interactive multimedia publication offers all this and much more. It is a combination of an electronic book and audio book, animated stories and computer games, where your child can also practice his/hers memory, logic and listening skills and learn many new and interesting facts. How did God create the World? What is the meaning of a rainbow?
Why don’t we speak with the same language? What was the Noah’s Ark? You can revive stories of the Old Testament in a modern format and with a pleasant musical accompaniment.

This publication offers all the multimedia comfort! You can enjoy animated stories of the Old Testament in a classical written format, listen to them in audio format or watch them as a bedtime fairy-tale. Or would you rather play a game with your kids? Together, you can guide a snail through a maze and find the right way to the Noah’s Ark. Or you can use our jigsaw puzzle to reconstruct Adam, Eve and the serpent… Or see who wins our animal pexeso memory game! Which animal is hidden under the last card? Can you find its lost mate?
Do you remember how many sons did Noah have? Which was the first animal Noah released from his rescue Ark? Or simply check your knowledge using our quizzes, which are included in this publication.

The Bible is and shall be always considered the “Mother of all Books“ and is adherently rooted in European history, culture and intelligence. One more reason to use this opportunity and introduce your kids to our roots. Moreover, do it in an entertaining way!

Purchase this incredible interactive multimedia publication full of pictures, animations, animals, quizzes, and clever educational games and return with your kids to your childhood.